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What he didn’t hold back of course was his annoyance, to put it lightly, of some past cricketers who had become too personal in their criticism of him. “Pull me up for strategy and tactics but not for who I am” was his gripe. On cue the retorts came back from those he had directed his ire at and we all saw some stuff being thrown back.

Sad that it has come to this. A captain bullied and half cursed simply by those who have ganged up on him. That he has indicated he has set no timeline for his departure altogether from Pakistan cricket means we will be seeing some more targeted censure of his self for the foreseeable future. Continue reading

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Playing cricket after the massacre

The Shaharyar Khan-led PCB then gave some convoluted logic that “We are playing outside Pakistan only because of the threat of terrorism at home. If we allow terrorists to disrupt our matches abroad, then all will be lost.”

I’ll tell you what is already lost; our self respect in front of the comity of nations, at least ICC members who see us as insensitive people who are just interested in money and who bow down to broadcasters and another country that wants to play cricket. Continue reading

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A Test of honour

At this point I must put in a word about the young man who gave his life to cricket in more ways than one. No death can ever be acceptable to the mind and heart; when it comes in such dramatic fashion it jolts you even more. The romantic will say that he died with his pads on but this is not a time for romantic endings. That is for novels and films.

That he was a young man full of promise and that he had a countenance that was so appealing has made it worse. There had also been the hope for those of us sitting so far away and not being updated minute by minute. He would come out of it one thought; it would just take time. Probably the real tragedy would be that he would miss the season, maybe never play again. But to pass away forever was a shock. Continue reading

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Test match nostalgia when playing New Zealand

Fast forward to the last Test of the 1985 tour to Pakistan and their captain Jeremy Coney stormed out of the commentary box in a post match talk leaving the normally eloquent Iftikhar Ahmed gaping at the camera in severe bemusement. Coney’s rant was against Pakistani umpiring, blaming them for a 2-0 loss. In all that fuming was the threat that they will get a doze of their own medicine in the return tour scheduled a few weeks later. That they doled out in equal measure, mind you with skipper Zaheer Abbas opting out of the trip; that it came after Coney’s threat added to the innuendo. Continue reading

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