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The Waqar Doublespeak

Going by his briefing after the UAE game it has to be asked: Have the defeats and narrow escape against Zimbabwe befuddled Waqar enough to have a memory loss? Or is he just taking the media to be duds? He is already accountable after previously losing all sense of balance in the team as to play four specialist bowlers in the game against West Indies but now he has revealed an inert panic state. Or is there another game being played out as there has been in Pakistani cricket since the last two decades. Is the unprovoked panic simply a happenstance or is it part of a more thought out plan? Wonder what the odds are on that? Continue reading

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Aaj Ka Din

Aaj ka din hum naiN buss aik baar daikha haiAaj kay din unhaiN dil mein utartay daikha haiTumhain fakhar hai bagh-e-firdous kay deedar parHum naIN tu un koh muskaratay huay daikha haiAbb bhalay bajae koee manzar-e-jehan ka dhandora¬†Hum naiN tu … Continue reading

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