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The Waqar Doublespeak

Going by his briefing after the UAE game it has to be asked: Have the defeats and narrow escape against Zimbabwe befuddled Waqar enough to have a memory loss? Or is he just taking the media to be duds? He is already accountable after previously losing all sense of balance in the team as to play four specialist bowlers in the game against West Indies but now he has revealed an inert panic state. Or is there another game being played out as there has been in Pakistani cricket since the last two decades. Is the unprovoked panic simply a happenstance or is it part of a more thought out plan? Wonder what the odds are on that? Continue reading

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A Test of honour

At this point I must put in a word about the young man who gave his life to cricket in more ways than one. No death can ever be acceptable to the mind and heart; when it comes in such dramatic fashion it jolts you even more. The romantic will say that he died with his pads on but this is not a time for romantic endings. That is for novels and films.

That he was a young man full of promise and that he had a countenance that was so appealing has made it worse. There had also been the hope for those of us sitting so far away and not being updated minute by minute. He would come out of it one thought; it would just take time. Probably the real tragedy would be that he would miss the season, maybe never play again. But to pass away forever was a shock. Continue reading

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Yesterday Australia, Tomorrow New Zealand?

Perhaps what equally surprised everyone including the Pakistanis was the way their spinners performed in the absence of Ajmal and the perceived absence of Abdul Rehman, both heroes of the whitewash against England on these pitches back in 2011. After the Dubai Test coach Darren Lehmann might have rued the fact that his batsmen were out to straight balls by the spinners but his best buddy Shane Warne used to bowl them to great effect too. And if it comes to that one can say what the great England fast bowler Fred Trueman once said to a batsman who tried to play down his dismissal with an in swinger saying it was just a straight one. “Aye, and a straight one was good enough for ye,” came the sharp retort from the Yorkshireman. Continue reading

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