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Events from my life that have changed me in some way

Playing cricket after the massacre

The Shaharyar Khan-led PCB then gave some convoluted logic that “We are playing outside Pakistan only because of the threat of terrorism at home. If we allow terrorists to disrupt our matches abroad, then all will be lost.”

I’ll tell you what is already lost; our self respect in front of the comity of nations, at least ICC members who see us as insensitive people who are just interested in money and who bow down to broadcasters and another country that wants to play cricket. Continue reading

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Mairee Maan kay Mujh say Aakhri Alfaaz

Dear Friends….This is the Urdu language version of My Mother’s Last Words To Me originally posted here. On request of those who don’t enjoy English I have written it in ‘Roman Urdu’ (I will be updating shortly in Urdu script also). … Continue reading

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Why A Girl Made By The Help Of Angels Was Born

Many years ago, God was sitting with His angels and was deep in thought. The angels could not dare to ask what God had on His mind, as He hadn’t been this thoughtful since a long, long time. And they … Continue reading

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My Mother’s last words to me

I wrote this a few days after my mother passed away today on October 2, 1989. I have carried it with me since not knowing if what I wrote was meant only for me. As the memories of that night … Continue reading

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By Sohaib Alvi I wrote this on morning of Jan 20, two years ago. Then posted it to my blog a few months later. Thought I’ll share it on Father’s Day. In essence though, for him every day was father’s day. … Continue reading

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