My Mother’s last words to me

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via My Mother’s last words to me.

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C-Suite Corporate Executive, MBA, Author, Writer, Blogger, Editor, Anchor, TV & Radio Analyst but above all a citizen of the world with a responsibility to live with my personal motto: Have Integrity; Share Knowledge; Create Distinction; Help People.
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6 Responses to My Mother’s last words to me

  1. Tariq Alam Jah says:

    Nice and touchy article by Sohaib. Read it twice. Reading it reminded me of my parent, who were part of my life for so long, but their death does not mean the end of my relationship with them. I love them both as the threads of relationships between us were closely woven. I hugged and kissed them till their last day. Their memories are like tiny diamonds I hold in my hands, so precious, so dear and my life would move on duplicating them.
    6 October at 23:03

    • Tariq Alam Jah says:

      Sohaib, My comments on your article are extracts from my article I wrote for dawn some years back at her first death anniversary. Tariq Alam Jah

      • Tariq Alam Jah says:

        Extracts from my article that I wrote at the first death anniversary of my mother. My mother passed away on 26th June 2006 because of cancer.
        Tariq Alam Jah

  2. Faizan says:

    This happened to me yesterday, when my father had big surgery for colon. He just came back from recovery room. I came to the room and believe me my father also said same words, have you had something? Why you are coming directly from office, your wife and your daughter will be along at home and you will be tired… He was lying on bed just few hours after big surgery and asking such me questions. I don’t understand parents are made of which Mithi…. But we should also consider that Almighty ALLAH loves every human 7 times more than mother. We should also cry and thanks to the original creator for the great life he has given to us compared with those who had nothing!!

  3. Khurram Zaman says:

    Dear Sohaib,

    My mother passed away in Feb 2007. In almost, similar circumstances… as we were raised and as she died. I felt as it is my life in narration, as much as it yours… Youngest of all, loved one (thats me).

    I’m one of those sons, who just couldn’t do anything to their MOMS! Just before, I could get ready, she left this world… it is my deepest grudge, and my undisputed failure! & I can just wish…

    Only after she was gone, I realized… What is true love! What do you call integrity, what do we mean devotion? What do we call inspiration, and what do we mean sacrifice? What do we call Care, and what do we mean Selfless… It just one word AMI JAAN (to me).

    AMI, I really miss you ( as tears overflowing my face, right now and as ever I went in this deep thought)…. how can I just turn back the time and have you in my arms again? How can I just tell you one time, from the bottom of my heart.. I LOVE YOU, SO MUCH !

    • Sohaib Alvi says:

      Read her Allah’s aayat and pass Durood Shareef on her. Its the best we can do. And remember mothers always understand that sons have to work and travel. May Allah grant her heaven. Ameen.

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