Why Youth Is Misguided In Reality Today


by Sohaib Alvi

Party people. They’re so predictable. When you know their intentions, you know what’s coming next and then after that. Its like living with quarrelsome neighbors. You know what they’re planning even when they sit together and laugh. And when they’re throwing mud at each other, you know they’ll be sitting down together for dinner next week.

Now we can either laugh about it by cracking jokes at the partying crowd or we can think what its doing to us and this generation. It’s needless to worry about the next generation. Because if this doesn’t understand you won’t be there to make the next one see sense.

Now we have to accept the fact that a mixture of thugs, emotional blackmailers and religious hypocrites have take over as spokespeople for 180 million people through various party formats. It’s as if whoever disagrees with them or questions them is supposed to be a unread, stupid traitor. Its what the Nazis did or George Bush’s ‘with us or against us’ mantra which these very people condemned.

And look where it led Germany in 1945 and where US stands now.

With 70% of our population below 30, they were born in or after 1981 By the time the first born among them were 7 years the propaganda from each party was in full flow. They became witness to inter-party killings by the age of 12 and therefore their only memories are that of one sided violence. Only those who have ventured out of their communities to live realize the Pakistanis in other parts of country are not what they are made to be. Almost all of them are equally suffering from their own.

Because they are looked down upon by their supervisors if they question motives of their leaders, they just get embedded with what their leaders want them to believe. If you don’t get out of your house to vote, you’re a marked man/family. And we all know how polling booths are supervised; weaker candidates’ agent bullied and, if they aren’t, voters know that other candidate, no matter how deserving he is of their vote, doesn’t have the street power. And if the favoured candidates loses he will not allow any good to be done in someone else’s name for very long.

We have been blessed with hunger for knowledge but this generation has been brought up around entertainment. Even if some look around, they have no neutral literature to study the beginnings of every party and how it skewed to serve leaders and their foreign masters interest.

Whether it is Larkana or Karachi or Peshawar or Quetta or Gujrat or Lahore, it’s the same tragedy.

So I don’t blame these young loyalists who (a) don’t know the backgrounds of these people, (b) have been exposed to no counter literature and if they are, it is condemned as anti party elements and not to be read, (c) live in fear of questioning and if they do want to find, there no one they can ask, (d) have no other choice because any decent guy who stands for elections will be either brow beaten or threatened to withdraw, (f) are told that if their party loses, thousands of them will go to jail or be kidnapped by the other govt. in power and (e) have all been blessed with favours, small and big such as jobs, houses, contracts, small businesses, shops which they are told they will lose if the other candidate wins and brings in his own people. Even the workers will be out of job because no money can be siphoned off to pay for their homes or lifestyle..

I’m sure it’s the same in all developing/underdeveloped countries and I know people like me have no reach for this message to get across. So I just say it here in the hope that even if one young person understands, what I risk saying will be worth it. Islam was not spread by keeping quiet against the wrong. If today we are blessed to be born Muslim and have Quran and Sunnah for salvation, what face will I show Allah if I don’t take courage from it and speak of what I know is either true or want young minds to think about it. And maybe find some way to free themselves from the hostages they have become.

I am not against any party or leader. That is futile considering the ears they have. My only objective is to take my cue from Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) who left a message for all of us. And that was to make people question their original beliefs by putting facts or curiosity of thought in front of them, as given in Quran. Rest is upto their own initiative and Allah to guide them to sense and sensibility. If they read the Quran in their language the reality will automatically dawn on them. Such is the beauty of Allah’s book.

I know these are the thoughts of thousands of knowledgeable Pakistanis. All I have done is put it down here for posterity. May Allah support us likeminded in our endeavor to make our misguided youth understand the larger game they are pawns of. And to be able to rid of it with their own hands. Ameen.

How many of our youths and family can relate to this tragic end for the common man or party loyalist? Then look at the decades old lifestyle of their leaders and their children and THINK young people. THINK.

About Sohaib Alvi

C-Suite Corporate Executive, MBA, Author, Writer, Blogger, Editor, Anchor, TV & Radio Analyst but above all a citizen of the world with a responsibility to live with my personal motto: Have Integrity; Share Knowledge; Create Distinction; Help People.
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